Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tyson - Movie Review

Tyson (R) 90 minutes B
The Rise and Fall of Iron Mike

Once upon a time Mike Tyson was the most dominant boxer I had ever seen, he possessed the talent and the tools to be the greatest of all time. But unfortunately he couldn't keep his demons at bay and soon the most celebrated fighter in the world became the most disgraced athlete in sports.

Tyson, a new documentary by James Toback follows the once coveted fighter from his childhood on the mean streets of Brooklyn, to a broken adult desperately searching for peace and tranquility. This polarizing film documents his rise to the top, scandals, vulnerabilities and humility. It's an inspiring, funny, and sad journey through the life of a troubled man and a prime example of why it's so important to stay humble; fame and fortune doesn't always last forever (especially when your greatest weaknesses are sex, drugs and living like a king).

There is no doubt that Iron Mike has learned a lot of hard lessons, it's just unfortunate that he had to learn them the hard way.

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