Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mr. Isaak, You Don't Cry Like I Do (Concert Review)

Chris Isaak A-
@ the Arvada Center 8/7/2010

Normally I'm not one for antics when I go to a concert. Rock star banter, humor, stories behind the songs- sure! But too much screwing around gets in the way of the music; all the passion, emotion and intensity I feel when listening to the CD should be magnified at a live show.

Chris Isaak sings some of the most bittersweet love songs you'll ever hear, he’s criminally handsome (hard to believe he’s over 50) and a goofball. Fortunately he knows where the antics end and the music begins. His live show is the musical equivalent of good cop/sad cop, one minute he can make us smile, the next he breaks our heart.

Back to Rockville, the music blog of the Kansas City Star once wrote, “when your goal is to entertain and you look and dress like Chris Isaak, you've won half the battle before you open your mouth.”

I swear he's the ultimate showman, a true entertainer. Each time I've seen him he gives the audience exactly what they want, whether it's channeling his inner Elvis, crooning like Roy Orbison or posturing as love's most loveable loser.

Tonight’s show at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities was no different. In front of a sell-out crowd he performed a variety of retro roots rock, upbeat rockabilly and at least one track from each of his studio albums. Highlights include the opening song "Lonely With a Broken Heart" from (my personal fav) the San Francisco Days album, a revamped gospel version of "Worked it Out Wrong" from Always Got Tonight and a wonderful acoustic rendition of "We Lost Our Way" from his latest album, Mr.Lucky.

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