Monday, January 27, 2014

Sundance 2014 - It's a wrap!

Sundance 2014

Land Ho!  B+
A film about two old guys trying to get their groove back.

Appropriate Behavior A
A snarky, sexual and clever relationship comedy that has the perfect amount of bite. 

White Bird in  Blizzard B-
Shailene Woodley, eighties music and plenty of melodrama was enough to hold my attention. 

Lambert & Stamp C+
A frustrating documentary about The Who, but not really about The Who. I wish it was solely about The Who. 

Low Down B
A dark film about a jazz pianist who was a great musician and a greater drug addict. 

Young Ones D+
A sparse futuristic film about a lack of water, blah, blah, blah...

Hellion  C+
If you like motocross and annoying kids behaving badly, you'll love this one.  

Shorts Program IV  C+
A total mixed bag ranging from too weird (Kekasih),  too rough (Here I am... There You Are),  too cute (Dig), and brilliant (Person to Person).  Programming included the following short films:

Afronauts - Afrocentric
Here I Am...There You Are - Rough sex
Me + Her - Cardboard animation and an audience favorite.
Mystery- Women listen to the back of a young man's neck hoping to hear the voice of the Virgin.
Kekasih - Mad Professor/Scientist and a haunting encounter with his late wife.
Person to Person - A surprisingly unwanted house guest the morning after...
Dig - Cute kids and lots of digging.
Exchange & Mart - Scottish school girls straddle the line between lust, longing and danger.

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