Monday, December 28, 2015

First Comes The Night - Album Review

Released Nov 2015
First Comes The Night - Chris Isaak C+

I don't know what's harder to believe- that Chris Isaak is 59 years old, or that Chris Isaak is still heartbroken? The dude doesn't look a day over 48 and he can still sing your panties off. But actually, one of the reasons I've liked him all these years is because he's perpetually heartbroken (or pretends to be) and that makes him real to me. On his 13th studio album, First Comes The Night, you're not likely to find anything out of the ordinary if you're familiar with his music. However, that's not to say the album doesn't have its moments. Songs like "Please Don't Call," and "Baby What You Want Me To Do," will be instant fan favorites and recommended tracks for Chris Isaak newbies. I also like the title track a lot; it's a catchy, slow burning track that hurts soooo good. On the album's deluxe edition is a song called "Some Days Are Harder Than The Rest." This songs is grandiose, powerful, and has a badass retro vibe- It's currently my favorite song on the album and perfect for a film soundtrack (I can imagine the song playing as the closing credits roll). First Comes The Night is hit-or-miss. It probably won't win him many new fans, but it should keep his current fans satisfied.

Favorite tracks: "Please Don't Call," "Baby What You Want Me To Do," "First Comes The Night," "Dry Your Eyes," "Some Days Are Harder Than The Rest."


Nette said...

Hi, Curtis!
I found and bookmarked your site after seeing you on Cynthia's Free Write. I was just reading through your first few reviews and am enjoying your concise writing style. I am going to read more and really love that you have such a wide spectrum of books, movies and music that I can learn about.

I hope you had fun in FWF. I think I did!

Curtis said...

Thank you Nette! I enjoyed the FWF. It helped me/inspired me more than I thought it would.