Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sprained Ankle - Album Review

Released Oct 2015
Sprained Ankle - Julien Baker A

Julien Baker is an über talented twenty-year-old singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. Sprained Ankle is her quietly impressive and addicting debut album. The music here is sans bells, whistles and unnecessary gloss. The album is a natural beauty, warts and all. The songs are confessional and sad. Sometimes, I listen to the album and feel like I am living in slow motion while the songs are my own personal soundtrack. The first song that really hooked me was "Everybody Does," possibly the most accessible song of the album and it totally feeds my self-loathing - "I know myself better than anybody else/and you're gonna run when you find out who I am/I know I'm a pile of filthy wreckage you will wish you'd never touched."

Baker's voice is lovely and vulnerable. Her lyrics are poetically tragic. This is what Sylvia Plath would've sounded like if she was a twenty-year-old singer-songwriter. Kudos to this young artist. I truly hope she never loses her edge. Sprained Ankle might be the start of something very very special. My favorite tracks: Everybody Does, Rejoice, Good News, Go Home, Blacktop.

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