Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vulnicura - Album Review

Vulnicura - Bjork A-
Released Jan 2015
So, this is what a break-up sounds like in the heart of Björk Guðmundsdóttir. Vulnicura, widely known as her "heartbreak album," is devastatingly lovely. From the opening lines of the opening track, Stonemilker, "moments of clarity are so rare/I better document this." One can sense that this is something thoughtful and sincere. The following track, Lionsong, also grabs my attention everytime I hear Bjork sing, "maybe he will come out of this loving me." Knowing that I've been the unloving "he" in such scenarios.  This album has a way of making one feel introspective with theatrical hindsight.  The liner notes even include a song/relationship timeline for the first six tracks- the aforementioned Stonemilker is nine months before the end of the relationship, while Lionsong is five months before the end, and so on. The timeline is a nice touch that adds perspective and dramatic effect.

Musically, there are a lot of beautiful string arrangements, electronic beats, and drum-and-bass loops to accompany Bjork's unique vocal style. Vulincura is entrancing. It inspired me to go back and re-listen to Vespertine, Bjork's 2001 album that never clicked with me... until now.

Favorite tracks: Mouth Mantra, Stonemilker, Lionsong, and Quicksand

The video for Lionsong courtesy of Youtube

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