Saturday, December 5, 2015

Girl in a Band - Book Review

Published: Feb 2015
Girl in a Band - Kim Gordon A-

When it comes to Sonic Youth my friends and I are split in two camps- the camp that thinks Kim's songs are always the best songs on any given Sonic Youth album, and the camp that thinks Thurston's songs are the best. However, we all agree that Sonic Youth is one of the best bands of all-time.

I read Girl in a Band as a fan boy. Kim Gordon is the shiznick, a rock goddess, the bees knees (can you tell which camp I'm in?). Usually, when I'm this excited about a book I'm setting myself up for disappointment... not this time.

Girl in a Band begins at that the end. The end of a marriage and the end of Sonic Youth. Then, Gordon recounts her own life and the early days of the band. I always dive into music memoirs with a singular mission to get the inside scoop on the band members, the albums, the songs, and the tours. But, this time I was also captivated by the obligatory born and raised/parents and sibling stuff. Gordon's tone is modest, the chapters are short, and the book is easy to read (nice flow/loved the photographs).  It is also not without its juicy bits and sad realities. What's it like to be a "girl in a band?" Now, I think I really do understand.

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