Friday, July 27, 2007

Bright Lights and Laser Surgery

I survived (laser) eye surgery this morning. I'd like to thank all my fans, and even the paparazzi for all the gifts and well-wishes.

Today's surgery was preventive (not corrective), and in short, the goal was to laser shut several holes in my retina which had been producing fluid. I was surprisingly calm before surgery, but during the procedure things got a little tense. I experienced more discomfort than I expected, and I am just now starting to feel normal again. For most of the day my eye was very sore accompanied by a dull ache. But maybe the Tylenol is finally starting to kick in.

Currently, Denver is under siege by rain, thunder and lightning. It's kind of cool. I'm home alone with only the sound of weather outside my window. The sky is dark, ominous, and inspiring as I sit here typing by candlelight (very Transylvania).

Suddenly a loud crash of lightning! All power in the house is gone...then re-appears, in the distance I hear sirens... I check on the animals to make sure their ok. The dog is cowering behind the bed, while the cat looks afraid underneath a desk. The lightning crackles strangely, and I'm distracted by each silent flash of outside light.

But anyway- I actually talked to my dad today. It had been two or three years since we last spoke. It was good talking to him. All those feelings of trepidation I felt about him are in the past, and although we'll never be bosom buddies, it feels good to talk to him man-to-man every once in awhile.

A little depression has been weighing on me recently. Talking about it here is tricky, the few people that read my blog worry that I'm a "head case", which might not be too far from the truth, but writing about it is somewhat therapeutic. Besides, we all get a little down sometimes, different people handle it in different ways. For me, I absorb myself in music, film, and/or writing... it's my escape. Some people get drunk, do drugs, have anonymous sex...which, within reason sounds pretty good. But those things are not only self destructive, their dangerous.

Speaking of self destructive- Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton... Hey, I'll admit, I think that all these ladies are hot... but their also crazier than a bag of squirrels! Their all going through some sort of drama queen-identity crisis-self destructive thing right now, but as long as they don't kill themselves first, they will be alright. They will continue to get work, and continue to be rich celebrities well into their golden years. With the exception of Lohan's role in "Mean Girls", it's too bad that none of them have done anything that matters.

Lastly, 13 or so NFL training camps opened today, with more opening in the coming days. Man do I love football! And, as if it's humanly possible, I want to immerse myself in it even more this upcoming season! There are so many aspects of football I'm looking forward too in the coming months. I'm getting excited just thinking about it! Oh how I love my sacred Sundays during the NFL season.

"I put on hooves, horns and an attitude, and nonchalantly find I'm alive."
- A. Cordes of PM Dawn

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