Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Search for Sky Blue Sky

I've been listening to the latest Son Volt album, The Search and the latest Wilco album, Sky Blue Sky. I'm trying to determine which one I like best. I enjoy both bands but neither album grabbed me initially. That being said, both albums have the potential to grow on me.

The Search is a hard listen, I had to listen to it multiple times before I started finding the gems. It seems like a very mature and serious album, once I dig deeper into the lyrics I think I'll find The Search very rewarding.

Sky Blue Sky is a very easy listen, but few of the songs stand on their own. It might sound silly but I miss that weird vibe that I usually get from a Wilco album.

In other news, I'm a little behind on my movie reviews. This has been a really inconsistent year so far. For a month or two there are tons of movies I want to see, and other times there is nothing I want to see for weeks.

Anyway, you should have a few reviews by next week.

Lastly, I added a hit counter to my blog. I'm very excited about this addition. But I wonder if it counts when I read my blog.... If so, that might account for 90% of my hits.

"I have seen the truth, and it doesn't make sense."
- Unknown

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