Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Think I Don't Think About It

When Hootie and the Blowfish first burst on the scene back in 1994 I hated them and I hated their popularity. It wasn't until I heard the single- Tucker's Town from Fairweather Johnson, that I gave them a chance. Soon after hearing that single I read a review that compared them to the Counting Crows, I love the Counting Crows so I decided to buy Fairweather Johnson. Instantly I fell in love with the album and immediately went out and bought Cracked Rear View. Eventually the songs Let Her Cry, Time, and Only Wanna Be With You all grew on me. But the signature song on that album was Hannah Jane. Oh, how I loved Hannah Jane.

After FJ, came Musical Chairs, probably my favorite and their most diverse album. They followed that with Mark Bryan's surprisingly catchy solo album aptly titled 30 on the rail, and the rarities/cover album Scattered, Smothered and Covered. Scattered... was their last good album as far as I'm concerned. Everything after that has been a disappointment, including the Darius Rucker's R&B solo album.

So just as I was about to lose faith (a year or so ago) , I heard that Darius was working on a country album. I'm not a country music fan, but this change of pace is just what the doctor ordered for Hootie nation. Frankly, the "ultimate bar band" label was played out years ago, yet I feared that's what they had become. I hope and pray that Hootie (as a band) has some darkness and depth left in their musical bag of tricks. Just because your getting older and becoming better golfers doesn't mean your music has to suck.

Anyway, the first single from Darius Rucker's new country album is out, and it doesn't suck. Matter of fact, I like it a lot. Check out the new single and video right here

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