Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Easy Lover

First Impression Music Review
Amy Ray - Didn't it Feel Kinder B-
I have not listened to Amy Ray's previous solo albums, but I've heard that they are a departure from the traditional Indigo Girls sound/vibe. So when I read that her latest was more introspective than her previous outings (Prom and Stag), I figured I'd get some acoustic stuff, mixed with Amy's tenacity and edginess.

I really dig the Indigo Girls, but subconsciously I think that I prefer Emily over Amy. Perhaps it's because I felt like I identified with Emily more...? I think this preference started to take shape around Swamp Ophelia.

I've never had anything against Amy, although I did view her as the "scrappy one" and still a little "80s". But, Didn't It Feels Kinder is a pleasant surprise, and I love the title because it's sensitive and conjures up images of someone who has just made love after years of unfulfilling sex... didn't it feel kinder?

Some of the songs here are a little cheesy but in a catchy kinda way. For example, I like the track Cold Shoulder- I love the line "she might be straight tonight but last night she let me hold her". Yet, (on the same track) I don't like the line "I hang with the deviants and the tranny nation". That line feels unnecessary- as if she's trying too hard to show us that she's an outsider.

The track SLC Radio is very catchy, and I was immediately drawn to it because I think that Salt Lake City is an interesting place- especially for people outside of the Mormon mainstream. This album reminds me a little of Shaming the Sun... one of my favorite Indigo Girls album.

In other news - Supersize me, Disgust me
Today I spent my lunch hour running errands. I was really hungry and only had time for fast food drive thru, so I figured I'd go to Good Times and get a burger.

I pulled up to the drive thru window and heard the young girl working the window say something you never want to hear at a fast food joint. She calmly said, "Don't spit in that", then turned around and noticed I had pulled up to the window.

She was talking to a young man who appeared to be preparing the food. I drove up to the window at the tale end of this conversation and hopefully it had nothing to do with the food I had just ordered.

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