Monday, August 18, 2008

Where the Light Is

Tabloid Mess/Musical Genius makes uneven live record
I bought John Mayer - Where the Light Is, Live in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago after hearing his acoustic version of (Tom Petty's) Free Fallin'. Even though Mayer didn't really "make the song his own" so to speak, I still thought his version was worthwhile.

This two cd set is divided into three parts- acoustic, John Mayer Trio, and Mayer with a full band. I love the acoustic stuff (except for that f*ckin Daughters song)- In Your Atmosphere, Stop This Train, and Free Fallin' are almost worth my $15 bucks alone.

The John Mayer Trio stuff is ok... I prefer the acoustic arrangements but this side of Mayer really shows off his range of talent.

Mayer with a full band is a little disappointing. It's not bad I guess, but after one listen I was bored. It reminds me of a very talented musician whose playing it a little too safe and conservative.

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
One of my favorite groups of all time is playing a free show during the DNC! Public Enemy is taking over Civic Center Park on Tuesday, August 26th. The catch is- their playing at 2pm! Sh*t! Some of us have to work during normal business hours!

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