Saturday, April 10, 2010

AWP Denver 2010

This was my first year attending AWP (The Association of Writers & Writing Programs) conference and it was absolutely amazing! Being among so many vivacious writers was both exhilarating and inspiring. I didn't take any photos but here's a brief rundown of my favorite things at this year's event.

1. Favorite Panel
The New Domestic Fiction

2. Second Favorite Panel
Black Goes Green: New African American Poets on the Natural World

3. Favorite Readings
G.E. Patterson (Panel - Black Goes Green)
Cheryl Strayed (Panel - The New Domestic)
Kim Addonizio (Panel - It's Not You, It's Me)

4. Favorite Fashion Trend
Stockings/Fishnets in various colors and designs

5. Favorite Audience (I felt like I was at an Indie rock concert)
At the Graywolf Press Reading

6. Favorite Woody Allen Moment
Talking and walking through downtown with New York photographer Miriam Berkley

7. Favorite Story Collection That Doesn't Exist (...Yet?)
"The Nap Stories" by Lynn Kilpatrick

8. Favorite Writer Who Seemed More Like a Rock Star

9. Favorite Writer I Most Wanted To Meet- And Met.
Nick Flynn

10. Favorite Editor
Jessica Strawser - Writer's Digest


Curtis said...

Thank You to Poet Amber Flora Thomas and Southern Review!

Dr. Write said...

I'm a big fan of Cheryl's. And I think that Nick Flynn is awesome, I'm glad you got to meet him. Have you read Cheryl's non-fiction? You should look for it, if not. Great stuff.
And I'll keep working on those nap stories! :)
(this is Lynn, as you have probably figured out. Thanks for the positive review of the panel!)

Jessica Strawser said...

Thanks for saying so--how kind of you! I'm glad you found the conference to be as inspiring and worthwhile as I did, and I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors!