Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Top 10 Actresses

Wow! It was hard to narrow down my favorites to just 10... there's so many wonderful actresses out there.

(tie) 10. Maggie Gyllenhaal - She has proved time and time again that she can carry a movie all by herself. An incredible actress and a true artist.
Movie to Watch - SherryBaby

(tie) 10. Kerry Washington - Currently the best black actress in Hollywood. Look for her outstanding new film, Mother and Child in theaters next month.
Movie to watch - I Think I Love My Wife

9. Scarlett Johansson - OK, so this pick is mostly physical... she's gotta be one of the most beautiful women on the planet and it's hard to take your eyes off her when she's on screen.
Movie to Watch - Match Point

8. Toni Collette - A very versatile actress and one of the best of all time! How is it that she hasn't won an Oscar (yet)?
Movie to Watch - In Her Shoes

7. Julianne Moore - There's something timeless and classic about Julianne Moore. One of the best of all time.
Movie to Watch - Savage Grace

6. Maria Bello - She has a very authentic quality that jumps off the screen... very sexy.
Movie to Watch - A History of Violence

<----5. Patricia Clarkson - I can't believe this classic, mesmerizing and sensational actress has yet to win an Oscar. She's the ultimate scene stealer in every film she's in.
Movie to Watch - Pieces of April

4. Laura Linney - A flawless actress whose knows how to choose roles. She's been in a butt-load a great films. One of the best ever!
Movie to Watch - You Can Count on Me

3. Kate Winslet - Breathtaking. An amazing amazing actress!
Movie to Watch - Little Children

2. Catherine Keener - She's one of the reasons I fell in love with films and still love it.
Movie to Watch - Lovely and Amazing

1. Meryl Streep - Simply the best...ever!
Movie to Watch - Adaptation

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