Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reign Over Me - Movie Review

Reign Over Me (R) 124 minutes C
Starring Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle, Jada Pinkett Smith, Liv Tyler, Saffron Burrows, Donald Sutherland, Robert Klein, Melinda Dillon, and Mike Binder

Charlie Fineman (Sandler) and Alan Johnson (Cheadle) are former college roommates. Charlie lost his wife and daughters on September 11, 2001 and Alan is a successful, but melancholy dentist. Charlie is sad, and years after his tragic loss he still can't seem to function normally in society. Alan is happily married but feels suffocated by his wife, he longs for male bonding time with the boys... Except he doesn't have any male friends.

This film is mainly focused on Charlie's pain, and how it affects and inspires everyone around him. But frankly, that got boring and predictable after awhile. More interesting was:

1. Saffron Burrows - a strikingly beautiful tall drink of water who plays a crazy patient that just wants to give Alan a BJ in the worst way. Her character is intriguing but oddly out of place here.
2. Liv Tyler - I always forget about her until I see her in a film. She's very pretty, she is a classic beauty. But her role in this film also seems a little out of place.
3. Don Cheadle - One of the best actors on the planet! His character was interesting but seemed to lack depth.
4. Adam Sandler - I like him in serious roles, but I couldn't stop thinking that he looked like Bob Dylan.

This film was ok but it just didn't grab me.

In other news, I picked up the new Wilco album today. I was a little worried because most everything I read and heard from people I know said - It's good but it's a slow burn.

One review I glanced at called their new album "Dad Rock" and another said "it's the best Eagles album the Eagles never made." So far I've listened to it 4 or 5 times and it sounds good while I'm working or cleaning the house... few songs have jumped out at me, but it's definitely not bad. It has an old school/classic rock feel to it. These songs will probably sink in one day when I least expect it... it's that kind of album. So far my favorite track is probably "Hate it Here" or "Leave Me (Like You Found Me)".

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