Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shop Boy

Today was shopping day. First stop was the Twisted & Tattered tent sale, essentially a Tattered Cover and Twist and Shout sidewalk sale. It was pretty much what I expected-overstock, obscure, and special interest stuff they couldn't sale. But amongst all of that were a few gems. Items were drastically marked down, and I picked up Neil Finn's first solo album - Try Whistling This for fifty cents, The Breeders - Last Splash and REM - Monster (which I previously only had on cassette) for two dollars each. From there it was on to Argonaut Liquors where RW added to her wine collection.

After breaking for lunch we hit the Mall. Sometimes when I go shopping at the mall I think of Woody Allen's 1991 film -Scene from a Mall. I'm not a big fan of shopping at the Mall, but it is what it is. I bought some new sandals.

After catching a matinee, we visited Old Navy where I bought 2 t-shirts. Then Barnes and Nobles were I bought a reference book on American Writers (bargain bin). On to Target for cat litter, chapstick and other random toiletries, and finally to Lowes for two 5 gallon jugs of water (for RW's water cooler).

I'm not oppose to shopping at all if I'm in the mood and have an adequate amount of fundage. I think my wardrobe is lacking, but whenever I buy clothes lately I'm disenchanted after I bring them home and wear them once or twice. Rarely do I find clothes that look great on me, and it seems that either I've lost my sense of style or men's clothes have gotten uglier, dull, and more expensive. I think the mirrors at those clothing stores are fun house mirrors. Things are not what they appear and are falsely distorted.

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