Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Animal Years

I went to a party tonight. It wasn't a dinner party or the standard run of the mill birthday party. It was pretty much a good old fashion kegger/house party. Generally I think I'm too old for this type of party, but I looked forward to this one simply for the change of pace.

It was a good time. I met a lot of cool people and had some very mature conversations. Everything from having children after 30, staying in shape after 35, and why Bill Richardson of New Mexico should run for president. I also learned that Hilary Clinton has cankles, and it's illegal to bring your own wine to a restaurant in Colorado.

Tonight I drank slow but steady, and I never caught a buzz (despite skipping dinner). My biggest challenge tonight wasn't to stay sober, or to resist the gravity defying bodies of 23 year old girls. It was to withstand the urge to binge eat when I got home...I failed. I should have just went to bed when I got home, but instead I turned on my computer, put Josh Ritter into the cd player and made bean & cheese dip.

This Josh Ritter album is amazing. I love it, It's called The Animal Years. I highly recommend it. It plays like the soundtrack to my life right now, it's one of those albums that had me at "hello". I hope he comes to Denver this year.

"God sends meat and the devil sends cooks" - Thomas Deloney

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