Saturday, April 7, 2007

Living With The Law

It is a cold night in the mile high city. I'm sitting here listening to Living With The Law by the late great Chris Whitley. For those of you who haven't heard Chris Whitley, Living With The Law is a classic and his most popular album. Whitley was passionate, raw, experimental, and always inspired- a true artist. I really dig LWTL, but I also have a special fondness for Din of Ecstasy, his second album (LWTL was his first album). Whitley made honest music, he seem like the kind of musician that truly loved music and didn't care about fortune, fame, or what was cool.

Mr. Whitley died in November of 2005.

So it was back to school this past week. Work continues to be an uphill battle, and I finally pulled the trigger and got some home improvement stuff done. I also went to the Rockies home opener last Monday... good times.

As for the upcoming week, I hope it's productive and smooth. I expect to finish reading A Dull Roar in the next day or two (the latest book by Henry Rollins), and hopefully I'll stop procrastinating and start the two papers I have to write for school. Happy Easter everyone!

"You gotta tell me was it love
Or some high-grade alcohol" - Chris Whitley

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