Thursday, April 12, 2007

Channel Zero

Some of these news stories are so tiring. I'm so sick of hearing about Don Imus. People have asked me what I think about what he said, and frankly, I don't give a rat's ass. When I first heard what he said, I just chuckled and thought... "what a dumbass." Stuff like that doesn't surprise me at all. Now he has lost his job and he's being crucified by the media- Good enough for me.

And Larry Birkenstockhead is the daddy(of Anna Nicole's kid)... Thank God! Mystery solved! I've had enough of that story too. Duke Lacross- Not caring!

Let's focus on more important things... Like the NFL schedule which was released this week. Exciting stuff! During the offseason I look forward to things like free agency, the schedule release, draft day, training camp, etc... it bridges the gap until Aug 5th (the first preseason game).

Also this week, I finally finished A Dull Roar- It was a good read. Henry Rollins is an acquired taste for most but I find him very inspiring. A Dull Roar is basically a journal of how he spent his summer vacation 2006- working on his IFC show, training, touring with the band, writing, doing a movie, yadayadayada. He is a fascinating human being, and it amazes me how much he gets accomplished while fighting bouts of depression. He's a very liberal minded renaissance man who constantly longs for isolation, and all of this seems to cumulate into passionate writing and music. After finishing A Dull Roar I emailed Mr. Rollins and he emailed me back. Very Cool!

Today I joined a new gym... I rarely went to the old one, so lets hope that some new scenery will do me good. Normally, I get all gungho about this kind of stuff, then lose steam after a week or two. So I'm trying to stay realistic and disciplined. Maybe I'll get that itch like so many others who start going to the gym, and become so addicted that they feel distraught when they break their routine.

I've been listening to Erykah Badu - Mama's Gun and Radiohead - Com Lag: 2+2=5 today. Both sound pretty good. It's good to throw in some NeoSoul every now & then to shake things up. Radiohead sounded very refreshing as well.


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