Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Pretty Good Year!

On Tuesday Trent Reznor dropped Year Zero, the new NIN album. It's easily the best NIN album since The Downward Spiral.

The album sounds loose, despite the heavy concept... which is something about the government and the year 2022 (a good music critic would've researched that beforehand). One article I read a few days ago referred to Year Zero as the digital version of Dark side of the Moon. Here Reznor creates a mood that's both desolate and engaging.

On track number 5, Vessel. Reznor begins with the lyrics "I let you put it in my mouth", hearing him say that and how he says it made my skin crawl. It sounds filthy, yet erotic, yet creepy. Track 8, My Violent Heart makes me want to jump up, shake my booty, and dance like I've had 8 red bull vodkas.

Year Zero's digital distortion and concept may seem bleak, but it sounds very vital! A-

Other NIN albums from my home collection

The Downward Spiral A+ (classic)
Pretty Hate Machine A+ (classic)
Broken A+ (classic)
With Teeth B-
The Fragile C+
Further Down the Spiral B+
Fixed B
Things Falling Apart C+

"Voters want a fraud they can believe in" -Will Durst

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