Monday, July 14, 2008

I was reading an old issue of Time magazine yesterday (December 2007), and it featured the best websites of 2007. At number 5 was --->
a wonderful place for book lovers!

I joined today (it's free, quick, and easy), and I hope that you join too (please oh please). We can share our opinion on books, explore each other's reading lists (as well as everyone else on the world wide web), and even start our own book club. Get real book reviews from real people... like myself. Check it out! You won't be disappointed.


Andrea said...

Hey Curtis - I came across your page while jumping around the internet. Thanks for your support of Nine Wives! FYI: I have another out now called The Misadventures of Justin Hearnfeld. In any case, hope you're well.

Curtis said...

Sweet! I'll buy it this weekend.
Thank You.