Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wifeshopping at the Tattered Cover

Steven Wingate at the Tattered Cover (Lodo)
If I were single, the Tattered Cover would be a great place to go "wife shopping"... then again, I probably wouldn't have the nerve to walk up to a beautiful woman cold turkey. She'd have to give me a sign, some sort of verbal or nonverbal hint- and even then I'd probably say the wrong thing.

But that's neither here nor there because I'm not perusing bookstores for women. I was at the Tattered Cover tonight to see my friend (I feel like I can call him that now) Steven Wingate. He was promoting his new book, a collection of short stories called Wifeshopping.

I bought the book a week or so ago, but I haven't read it yet because I'm still reading All The Sad Young Literary Men (which I'm almost done with). As a rule, I usually try to read one fiction novel at a time simply because I want to devote all my attention to that one book and its characters.

But after tonight's reading at TC, I am super anxious to dive into Wifeshopping. Meeting a writer like Steven not only inspires me, but makes me fall in love even more with the art of writing/storytelling.

He's cool, down-to-earth, and I highly recommend catching him in Colorado Springs next month, Boulder in September, and/or a town near you (, I guarantee you'll be hooked!

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