Sunday, July 13, 2008

Icons - Morphine and Brett Favre

Album of the Week
The first Morphine album I ever heard was 1993's Cure for Pain. That album is absolutely brilliant, I fell in love with it instantly. Their follow-up album was Yes, and in my eyes it had a tough act to follow.

But Yes turned out to be equally as distinguished, cool and unprecedented as their previous outing. Morphine was truly a unique band with a unique sound. No one has ever sounded like them and no one ever will. It's too bad that Mark Sandman (their lead singer/slide bass) died in 1999 because this band could have gone on to do great great things.

Brett Favre
I've said from the beginning that I don't think Brett Favre is coming back to the NFL, and I still think he'll stay retired. It's not that I don't want to see Favre play again, but I think he'll look ridiculous if he comes back after his dramatic and emotional departure.

We all have a change of heart sometimes, I understand that... but I don't blame the Packers for wanting to move on (even if Favre is still the best QB in Green Bay). If I were the Packers, I'd trade him... preferably to a team in the AFC (the Chiefs and Bills might be interested). But I definitely wouldn't trade him to Minnesota or Chicago unless they made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Sending Favre to your NFC rival is like breaking up with a super hot ex-girlfriend and telling her she should go out with your best friend. Awkward! Not to mention a lot of motivation for some devastating revenge.

Things is, the Packers were a fluke last year. Favre thinks he can get them to the Superbowl this upcoming season, but really, he's coming back to a team that probably won't make the playoffs. So it's best that the Packers experience their growing pains with Aaron Rodgers in the fold instead of diminishing (not ruining- he's already a Hall of Famer) Favre's legacy.


Michael said...

Well I guess I agree with most of what you said about Favre. I mean the Packers probably would trade him to an AFC team rather than to a rival, but a guy who came back for one more kick at the can likely wouldn't bother if it was Buffalo or Kansas City.

He is putting them in a bit of a pickle though. They were ready to move on and finally validate their drafting of Aaron Rodgers and now he's stepping in the middle again.

Also, I'd find it hard to believe the Packers were a fluke last year. They were 13-3 and in OT in the NFC Championship game (and Favre threw the pick that sealed their fate).

As for Morphine, I've never delved into their catalog beyond Cure for Pain, but may have to check this one out based on your recommendation.

Curtis said...

I think last year was a fluke, much like the following teams;

Baltimore Ravens 2006 = 13-3
Baltimore Ravens 2007 = 5-11

Denver Broncos 1998 = 14-2
Denver Broncos 1999 = 6-10

New York Jets 2006 = 10-6
New York Jets 2007 = 4-12

Colorado Rockies 2007
Colorado Rockies 2008

Michael said...

OK I'll bite:

I'll give you the Rockies and Jets. Granted. Between 06 and 07, the Ravens lost Jamal Lewis and Adalius Thomas, then Todd Heap, Steve McNair, and Trevor Pryce all decided to miss most of the season with injuries. I hate making excuses for them because I hate them, but it's pretty easy to fall like that.

Finally: Are you in any way suggesting that the 1998 Denver Broncos were a fluke?

Anyway, the tendency of Packers teams during the Favre era is to win more than they lose, so I'd call any losing season of theirs a fluke and not the other way around.

Curtis said...

Yeah, I agree with you in regards to injury (the Ravens), and sometimes after a good year the make-up of a team deteriorates and they rebuild... so it's not like they have the same nucleus from the previous year.

Last year I think the Pack caught a lot of people off guard and gathered some impressive confidence and momentum. But this year teams will not over look them, and teams in the NFC especially will be gunning for them. Therefore, I expect the Pack to be sacked in 2008.