Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top 10 Tattered Cover Book Events

This is a list of my favorite book signing events and the books that were being promoted. All of these events took place at a former or existing Tattered Cover location.

1. Jennifer Weiner - Little Earthquakes
This event inspired me to become a writer, Weiner has an undeniable star quality.

2. Eric Schaeffer - I Can't Believe I'm Still Single
On this night at the Colfax TC, Schaeffer was funny, charming and completely down-to-earth. It was a night I will never forget.

3. Julie Powell - Julie and Julia
She's an inspiration to government employees everywhere who want to become writers... and who can forget those black knee high boots she wore.

4. Curtis Sittenfeld - Prep
With a name like Curtis, what's not to like. I learned a lot about book covers on this night... who knew that authors don't always get to pick their covers.

5. Beth Lisick - Helping Me Help Myself
Lisick is one of the coolest authors ever to appear at the TC. She's in a rock band and she's been known to rock at banana custom from time to time.

6. Stewart O'Nan - Last Night at the Lobster
This guy has a great voice, and when he reads the characters jump off the page and into real life.

7. Lisa Daily - Fifteen Minutes of Shame
Lisa may be a debutante, but she was super nice, genuine, and very engaging. She demanded that I call myself a writer, not a "wannabe writer" (which is how I introduced myself).

8. JR Moehringer - The Tender Bar
This guy was like a rock star! The women swooned and the men wanted to be him.

9. Carleen Brice - Orange Mint and Honey
As an African American and a local author, I find her very inspiring. Plus, I've seen her around town frequenting some of my favorite places (TC & Mead Street Station)

10. (tie) Joyce Carol Oates - The Gravedigger's Daughter
Oates is a legend; she was poised and elegant. It's too bad I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say when she was signing my book.

10 (tie) Melissa Bank - The Wonder Spot
Bank seemed nervous and a little unpolished compared to some of the other authors on this list. But I actually liked that about her.

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