Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm Through With White Girls - Movie Review

I'm Through With White Girls (R) 90 minutes B
How a brotha got his groove back
Starring Anthony Montgomery, Ryan Alosio, Lia Johnson, Lamman Rucker, Kellee Stewart, Lisa Brenner, Johnny Brown, Richard Lawson and Esther Scott.

I'm Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) is a title that jumps out at you. It is also a little deceiving because the film isn't as simple as the title might suggest. Jay Brooks (Anthony Montgomery) is a 30 year old black man that only dates white women. He claims that the sistahs don't dig him because he's not the stereotypical black male; he's into the indie music scene, he likes comic books, sci-fi, graphic novels, and doesn't own a car. In short, he "acts white", a term that is all too familiar and one that I despise.

Jay's failed relationships have nothing to do with white women, his relationships fail because he has issues... and the film does a good job of showing us that. For me, I'm Through With White Girls is less about white girls and more about perception, stereotypes, and cultural identity.

Being black is not about "acting black" or not "acting white", it's about being who you are... and the same applies when your looking for love. You can pick your mate because their black, white, brown or what have you, but you have to love that person for who they truly are regardless of skin color. Otherwise your simply in love (or lust) with an idea of something or someone.

Anyway, the film is very good and definitely worth seeing! It's a romantic comedy, "Spike Lee Lite" is how one person described it... the film has done well on the festival circuit and it's currently making the rounds (in theaters) in limited release. Check it out, and/or look for it on DVD in the coming months.

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