Friday, July 18, 2008

Hancock - Movie Review

Hancock (PG-13) 92 minutes B-
A superhero film with a twist
Starring Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman, and Eddie Marsan

The concept of a reluctant superhero is interesting. Should we assume that anyone with super human powers would always use their powers for good (oppose to evil)? Hancock is a reluctant and underachieving superhero. He fights crime in between hangovers or whenever he's not passed out somewhere. He's rude, crude and curses at little children.

His presence in Los Angeles has kept the crime rate low, but the city and the public have grown tired of his reckless behavior and sloppy crime fighting. So in an effort to clean up his act, Hancock gets an image makeover and tries to become the type of superhero that we all love and respect.

This film is outlandish and over the top, full of explosions, car crashes and general destruction. But it also has heart and a certain humanistic quality that was very appealing to me.

Will Smith flashes some of his star power (and thank god after that awful I Am Legend mess), and Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman turn in nice performances although their both capable of so much more. Hancock feels a little scatterbrained and sensationalized, but it's a decent way to escape the heat and spend an afternoon.

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